“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.
Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.”
-Mary Oliver

My ministry exists at the intersections of word and music, weaving song into sermon and bringing sacred song into the streets. As Pete Seeger said, “The right song at the right moment can change history.” And this moment in history invites us to bring music and creative arts into worship in new forms, creating new opportunities for collaboration and inspiration, even when we can’t sing together in person. 

Singing — especially singing harmonies — is a spiritual practice for me. (My sermon “Companioning” tells that story.) Whether it’s choral singing, song-leading in worship or at a protest, singing around the dinner table, or being a part of The Sanctuary Boston house band, making music is one of my greatest joys. I also write multi-part music designed for communal singing, and am slowly introducing them to congregations. Here are just a few snippets of song. 

A spoken and sung call to worship for General Assembly 2020’s Saturday service,
featuring original music, with vocals from Taiward Wider and Jaimie Dingus.
“We Shall Be Known” by MaMuse at a Sanctuary Boston rehearsal,
with Jaimie Dingus and Alex Fam
“Where Do We Come From,” a hymn video I created for All Souls Church’s online services
Rehearsal for “True Things” by JJ Heller, arr. Mark David Buckles and The Sanctuary Boston Band. Left to right: Me, Kelsi Carolan, Mark David Buckles, Alex Fam,
Lucas Gonzalez Milliken, and Matt Meyer
“There is More Love” lyric video, recorded and designed in June 2020,
shared broadly with UU congregations