Nov. 11, 2012 - Joanna Lubkin delivers a Veteran's Day sermon to about 20 parishioners at the Unitarian Congregation of Mendon and Uxbridge in Mendon MA. Lubkin, who is studying to become a Unitarian Universalist minister, gives a sermon at the Mendon church once a month. "It's a chance for me to bring all of the different selves of me together," she says of ministry. "I get to sing, I get to preach - and I love speaking - and I get to be with people, and I get to create ritual, and it's just really fun. There's nothing in my life that I can't bring to ministry." As part of her Veteran's Day address, she sang excerpts from the Roy Zimmerman song "Hope, Struggle and Change." Photo by Sarah Ganzhorn.

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