What I Offer

As your officiant, I offer you my emotional support,
my years of training as a minister and a chaplain,
and my wholehearted presence.

It all starts with a short video call, a chance for us to get to know each other. We’ll talk about your vision for the wedding, getting at the themes and rituals that are most important to you. After that consultation call, I’ll give you two all the time you need to talk amongst yourselves and decide whether it feels like the right fit. If you get back to me with a ‘yes!’, I’ll send you a contract and I’ll officially be your officiant!

Based on our conversation, I send you a collection of ceremony ideas — many of which may have the “That’s it!” feeling or may spark an idea for something else that only you might contribute, like that poem you two read on your first date in a bookstore. With as much or as little input as you’d like to give, I’ll craft the ceremony to be as “you” as possible.

I’ll be as available as you need me to be by phone, Zoom, or in-person, right up until the ceremony. I can also support you to think through options for including loved ones via Zoom or other livestream, and can facilitate the technology on the day-of. COVID-era weddings give us a chance to get creative, offering you and your virtual-guests meaningful moments of participation and blessing, even while apart.

On the day of your ceremony, I show up fully as your minister. There are lots of emotions at a wedding, and I’m there to support you and your family through nervousness, excitement, tears, and jitters. I arrive early, offering a calm presence and checking in with folks. I also check in with other ceremony helpers, from photographers to musicians, to make sure things are set to go smoothly. I handle last-minute surprises with ease and good humor, helping you to do the same. By the time the ceremony begins, you and your family will feel more relaxed, at ease, and ready to celebrate the day.

After the wedding, I sign your marriage license and submit it to the town clerk, and you’re legally wed!